Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Black Kissinger?

Read an interview with actor/NFL star Fred "The Hammer" Williamson at The Onion's A.V. Club today.

It was a good interview, though not as good as the recent Teri Garr gabfest in which she relates (among many hilarious things) that the director of Tootsie, the late Sydney Pollack, was a sexist who:

... just wanted the beautiful, blond, cute, shiksa girls to be nice and shut the fuck up! [Laughs.] God, I'm bad. But that's what he wanted. And that's what the world wants, I think. I'm bitter. Bitter!

Garr also ranks on Francis Ford Coppola. But I digress. As I forged to the end of the Fred Williamson interview, this bit just leapt up off the page and slapped me hard in the face:

AVC: What is Black Kissinger? That's listed on your IMDB page as your next movie.

FW: Black Kissinger is a film the Jamaicans want to do, but the Jamaicans have been dragging their feet. I'm not sure they want to do the film, and in the meantime I'm putting a project together called Spats.

Wow. And it's true. IMDB has this plot synopsis:

Henry Kissinger (no relation), a Jamaican-born American cop, returns to his homeland for a vacation and runs afoul of a violent plot by an American hotel tycoon to seize control of lucrative waterfront resort space. To get to the bottom of it all, he'll have to learn to play by a whole new set of rules - and rediscover the heritage he's denied all his life. Black Kissinger. He's the man with the plan to bring some peace to the promised land. Written by Ian Driscoll

And there's a website. Check out the art. Yikes.

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