Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Move

So it's been like a war zone here at Balkans via Bohemia HQ. There's been loads of work for the new magazine, a feverish spot of Christmas shopping, illnesses (though not malingering) amongst the ranks, and marching and more marching coming up -- in particular, a concerted assault on the Bradenton/Sarasota reboubt with a possible North Carolinian anabasis. As Svejk once said: Maul halten und weiter dienen.

But when we get to Jaroměř -- metaphorically, that is -- there will be joy. I promise that readers will be treated with a steady stream of posts through the late Christmas season and then with increasing frequency into the new year. We have passed the great tribulation and have now emerged into a reasonably priced pivnice with fresh Velkopopovicky on tap.

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