Friday, January 2, 2009

Laura Rozen to Foreign Policy Magazine

This is really terrific news: Laura Rozen, one of the best national security writers in DC, is joining the newly revved-up Foreign Policy website, starting Monday.

Laura runs the must-read War and Piece blog, which often breaks news on all sorts of international fronts -- from Israel to Iran to the Balkans to Foggy Bottom. She has been a correspondent for Mother Jones, and had the difficult task of writing an investigative afterword to Valerie Plame's memoir, Fair Game, without any real help from the author (who was constrained in various ways by by her former employer, the Central Intelligence Agency.)

Laura will write a reported blog for Foreign Policy called "The Cable" which will definitely be as mandatory a daily read as War and Piece -- which will continue in a slightly diminished capacity -- has been over the past few years. Congratulations (i ziveli), Laura!

UPDATE: Laura's new blog is live:

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