Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hypesville: Writing About Pinter in The Nation

I have a short -- maybe too short -- piece on Harold Pinter and his legacy up now on the website of The Nation. I wish I'd had a bit more space to unpack both prongs of the piece: 1) How Pinter's outsized influence has had a double-edged effect on English-language theater -- sharpening its rhythms and language while also shaving down its scope and tolerance of the big play; and 2) How Pinter abandoned his own carefully-nurtured persona and style in the mid-1980s to become a much more political (and less powerful, to my mind) writer. But I think I hit the high spots and I'm waiting for the angry gibes that will likely come my way. You be the judge, however, if you're interested.

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Gwydion said...

Very sharp stuff, Richard. Thanks for sharing... I'm in complete agreement.