Monday, March 2, 2009

Balkans via Bohemia Reading/Viewing List 03/03/09

Neglected a few interesting articles over the past couple weeks. Many readers will want to check them out:

* I have written a good bit about the arrest of Radovan Karadžić -- and now we get a terrific glimpse at the mechanics of his upcoming trial at The Hague via this video dialogue on Bloggingheadstv between Mark Leon Goldberg (who writes for UN Dispatch) and Kevin Jon Heller -- a professor who's involved in the Karadžić defense. For those who are interested in the workings of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), legal and political criticisms of the court, and how one defends an accused war criminal, it's a must see.

* The New Yorker's fascinating and sad article on the career and suicide of David Foster Wallace is here.

* Obama is going to Prague. He's going to give the "European speech of the year." If you're reading, Mr. President (or any journalists going to cover it), I recommend Gitanes -- a Balkan restaurant literally steps from the U.S. Embassy.

Kelli pours some Vranac wine at Gitanes in Prague, March 2007.

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