Monday, March 22, 2010

Burn Your Bookes Tickets on Sale!!!

I'm happy to announce that tickets are now on sale for Taffety Punk Theatre Company's production of my play, Burn Your Bookes. And, yes, that is a nifty press photo for the production!

We've been hyping it as "the sex, drugs and baroque 'n' roll behind Edward Kelley's pursuit of the Philosopher's Stone," but it's also a play about how we know the world and the intersection of science and poetry with power.

The play opens Friday, April 30 at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in Washington DC. (545 7th Street, SE -- it's two blocks from Eastern Market Metro on the Orange & Blue lines.)

Due to demand for tickets from press and Taffety Punk donors (opening night is doubling as press night), April 30 is already sold out. Before we even really put tickets on sale.

But tickets for the rest of the run -- including two shows on Saturday, May 1 -- are on sale now right here at our website.

As always with Taffety Punk shows, all tickets are a low low low $10. We want you to come and still have cash for a couple of beers to chew over what you saw after the show.

We are also offering two "pay what you can" preview shows on Wednesday April 28 and Thursday April 29 at 7:30. (No advance sales for these shows.)

More info about the play and a press release here.

The show closes Saturday night, May 22.

I'll also be blogging about various aspects of the play right here at Balkans via Bohemia. But I will not be blogging or Twittering tech week. :)

If you're interested in helping out the playwright, here are three things you can do:

1) Please come! And come early in the run!

2) Let other people you think might like a play about alchemy know about the show.

3) If you do come and do like it, repeat #2. Word of mouth is key. Blogging welcome!

(Image: Daniel Flint as Edward Kelley and Joel D. Santner as Muller in Burn Your Bookes.)

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