Friday, May 30, 2008

The Magic of Tetine!

The first couple music posts on this site (Sardina, Uncle Tupelo) have been old school. So to drag you into the weekend, here's a dose of Brazilian/UK art rock from Tetine. The group is comprised of Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, and along with the records that they've released on a smattering of indie labels, they've also had a prolific run putting together performance art and video in Brazil and in Europe.

They first came to my attention last year, when their sleazy baile funk send-up "L.I.C.K. My Favela" was making the rounds of various clubs -- along with the equally sordid electroclashy "Ai Amor Mi So Horny," which is playing at their MySpace page.

Now they've got a new record, Let Your Xs Be Ys, on Soul Jazz Records. As a whole, the album is smidgen moodier than their previous work, and the first single and video from the record, "Entertainment N 249" is already one of my favorite records of the year. The second single, "I Go to the Doctor," is also out, with a remix by fellow Brazilians Cansei de Ser Sexy.

Their web site is also chock full of stuff, including some of their artier performance videos. What are you waiting for?

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