Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Sad.....About Leeds

The battle back from a 15 point deduction fell short. Leeds United gets another year in the third tier of English soccer. Tears will be shed tonight.

NP: Luke Haines, "Leeds United" (Contextual article with lyrics here. Available from emusic. Play it loud.)

Image free wallpaper downloaded from the Leeds United site. Damn right they are the "greatest fans the world has ever seen." As Luke sings: "We were beaten I was gutted I was sick as a parrot."

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Tom said...

That really doesn't do this story justice. A Yorkshire derby. The underdog, through, despite it's own financial troubles. A slimy chairman foiled in the end. A coaching set-up yanked from a team on a remarkable run.

I hope we get you in the FA Cup. We miss you and the troubles associated with a Pennine Derby.

"They're staying down, they're staying bust..."

Red Devil - Chicago