Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It Takes a Nation of 16,000 To Hold Us Back

With a nod to Public Enemy, that's precisely what one could say about today's pro-Karadžić rally in Belgrade -- sponsored by the Serbian Radical Party. Small turnout (the aforementioned 16,000), a bit of tear gas and rubber bullets deployed on the unruly. (Some video here and a photo gallery here.)

Just another summer night in Belgrade with nationalists roaming the streets of Serbia's capital. Or was it? This time, the police acted -- unlike in February -- and there wasn't nearly the property damage or mayhem.

The scariest thing in Belgrade at the moment is not the small bands of hooligans or the street theatre. It's the death threats being made against Serbian president Boris Tadic. (Jelena Markovic has a great post about that here.)

Quote of the day from Karadžić's brother Luka: “He is a doctor, he is a humanist, he is a poet, he is an intellectual, a man who helped many Muslims and Croats and Serbs. Even in his second identity as Dr Dabic he treated members of every nationality.” Too bad he did not mention the bees as well.

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