Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nero/Pseudo: Meet Lee Liebeskind

As part of my blogging about Nero/Pseudo here at Balkans via Bohemia, I will be introducing readers to members of the cast and creative team of the show.)

If you're involved in DC theatre then you likely know Lee Liebeskind as an actor, director, producer and avid member of the national theatre Twitter community (‏@LeeLiebeskind) We are so lucky to have him in the role of Stratocles in Nero/Pseudo.

Lee played Lord Burley in the truly magical WSC Avant Bard production of Schiller's Mary Stuart. He has also appeared (among many roles) at Rorschach Theatre in Neverwhere,1001, Dream Sailors, and Rough Magic; at Studio Second Stage in Astro Boy and The God of Comics; at Forum Theatre in Antigone; at Constellation Theatre Company in The Marriage of Figaro; and in Dog and Pony DC's Punch: thats the way we do it. He is a two-tour veteran of The National Players.

His credits as a director and producer are just as impressive. Lee is a founding member as well as the producing director of The Inkwell, and was recently a company member of Rorschach Theatre. He has directed for both The Source Festival and Rorschach Theatre.

Impressive as Lee is, however, he did not escape the playwright's three questions about the Nero/Pseudo experience.

Who is your favorite person/god from antiquity?

 My favorite person/god from antiquity is any of the trickster gods. Anasi, Coyote, Loki, Monkey King, Puck.  I like the gods that played tricks on other gods and let them know that being all powerful didn't mean they weren't untouchable.

What's the strangest fact about the ancient world or glam rock that you've learned from this experience?

The strangest fact about Glam Rock that I learned is that it was such a short period in music.  That it really only lasted for about 5 years but effected music for about 15 years after.  That the influence left its mark on everything from pop music to punk to heavy metal.

If you were Emperor for a day, what would be your first decree? 

If I was Emperor for a day, my first decree would be to fully fund the arts and that every Friday is Ice Cream Friday.

 Nero/Pseudo previews open at The Shop at Fort Fringe on Friday May 2. Find out more about the play at WSC Avant Bard. Tickets are now on sale.

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