Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nero/Pseudo: The Washington DC World Premiere

Well... I can finally announce it. My play. Nero/Pseudo, (with music by the amazing Jon Langford and Jim Elkington) will have its world premiere in a production by WSC Avant Bard (formerly Washington Shakespeare Company) at The Shop at Fort Fringe in Washington DC.

The opening night is Wednesday, May 7. (There will be a number of preview performances starting May 2.) The show closes Sunday, June 1.

It's very exciting to see a play that I started on a hot summer day in 2009 finally hit the stage. The process has been a long but fruitful one, including a May 2012 reading at Artisphere and a March 2013 reading at the Emerging Artists Theatre's New Works Festival.

Balkans via Bohemia is going to be a busy place over the next few weeks. I will be blogging about the show a little bit and introducing you to the creative team that's making it all happen. This will also be the place to look for guest posts from our dramaturg, Alan Katz, who will be dropping some deep classical knowledge. We might also leak a song or two from the production and have a contest or two.

Tickets are now on sale. Hope to see you there!

(Image: Graffiti of Nero from the Domus Tiberiana.)

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