Sunday, September 28, 2008

Annals of Rawk: Liquor Bike's Reunion

A rainy night in Charm City. A colossal rock show at the Ottobar. For those who were wondering whether Dave, Mike, Colin and Eric -- the men of Liquor Bike -- could pull it off a full ten years after their farewell record release, the answer was a resounding YES! What I saw was on Friday night was astonishing, because Liquor Bike's music is full of hairpin turns, surging and shifting tempos and it requires a ferocious intensity. With only a couple days of full rehearsal as a quartet, the Bike weren't just tight -- they were snare drum tight. Song after song came blasting out: "Could It Be I Am A Liar?" "Hi-Fi Sigh," "24 Karat." The night was full of old friends and new acquaintances -- and the exhibit of 90s era Baltimore rock scene photos and flyers that will remain upstairs at the Ottobar for the near future. They say you can't turn back time, but the guys in Liquor Bike stopped it dead in its tracks and nudged it back for a few hours. That's better than good; it's damn near heroic. I raise my Natty Boh to all four of you, gentlemen....

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