Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BvB Reading List 9/25

Long day (7am to 10 pm) so here's a quick list of things that caught my eye over the past day or so...

* Terrific review of Taffety Punk's Romeo and Juliet (and the STC's all-male version) by Trey Graham at Washington City Paper. Yes, tickets are still available but going fastfastfast....

* Did I mention the Liquor Bike reunion at Ottobar in Baltimore on Friday night? Yes, I did. And over at Baltimore City Paper, Lee Gardner leaves some indelible skid marks of his own on the band's legacy.

* Very nice Washingtonian interview with Dan "Ironman" Steinberg -- the Washington Post's sports blogger. In addition to his storied stint at Whole Foods before Sports Bog (sic) stardom, Dan wrote a great freelance story for me on bingo during my tenure as Washington City Paper editor. The money quote in this interview is his answer to the question: "Chris Cooley or Ryan Zimmerman?"

I mean, no offense to the dude, but read Zim’s blog sometime. Here’s a recent sample: ‘Football is upon us. This is my favorite time of the year. Football is easily my favorite sport.’ That’s an A-plus, Ryan. Your next assignment is to tell us what you want to be when you grow up. Then we’ll work on genealogy, and then it’s playground time. Cooley, on the other hand, posts pictures of his cheerleading wife in lingerie on his blog, provides the most detailed description of an NFL drug test you could ever want, and wrote a guest post for the legendary sports blog Kissing Suzy Kolber in which he described the NFL training camp as ‘F—k Town.’ I’m insulted that this would even be posed as a legitimate question.

* This story is why there's an Onion. The ultimate "don't rest in peace" piece.

* Week Three of the Washington Post's "Cupcake Wars." Baked and Wired's Teresa and Tony stomp the competition. Timmy sez: "We want Georgetown Cupcake!"

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