Friday, September 12, 2008

BvB Reading List 9/13/08

First on the agenda: A very important post by Steve Clemons on George W. Bush and Sarah Palin and reading. Clemons argues convincingly that Bush is much better read than the misunderestimating stereotype -- and wonders just what Alaska's governor has read.

Steve writes: "I honestly don't know what she has read. She could issue a list of books she says she has worked through -- but I think that if ABC has another shot at her or if any other journalists get to spend any time on this uncertain gamble for the second highest office in the land that they give her a book test.

"Ask her what she has read and quiz her a bit. What leaders in American history does she admire? What can she tell us about the Federalist papers, or about many or any of America's best and not so great presidents? What does she know about womens' suffrage and Susan B. Anthony? or Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

"I doubt at the moment her experience as a leader appropriate for the nation -- but my assessment of Sarah Palin could be nudged into better territory if I had evidence that she had done some self-teaching about the nation and had devoured books about our leaders, our wars, and our periods of innovation, peace and prosperity."

Palin makes me want to grab the book that I've used to accompany this post. But Steve is right. Let's see what she reads.

Second on the agenda: An addition to the blogroll at right is Carole Sargent's terrific blog on publishing, which she runs out of Georgetown University. Link and visit often. There are few who are smarter about the book biz -- and you aspiring authors who visit Balkans via Bohemia should definitely pay attention.

Third on the agenda: Mike Tomasky at the Guardian gets deep into the battle of news cycles in this campaign. Great stuff.

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