Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One (Romania) down, one (Croatia) to go

So apparently Romania's national team did not show up today. (I did not witness the game due to, um, having a job.) The reviews from two friends who did see the match, however, were withering.

Perhaps they could have used their nation's greatest ever player..... midfielder Gheorghe Hagi. Hell, he's only 42 years old. (Just like me!)

And not that Romania's apparently putrid performance deserves it, but let's roll out a couple Hagi highlights, eh?

A terrific goal against Switzerland in World Cup '94.

This lunatic goal in the same World Cup against Columbia

And this truly insane compilation (with soundtrack by Snoop Dogg) of Hagi goals combating Roberto Baggio goals in a weirdly compelling video showdown.

Yes, I've heard the complaints about all the soccer blogging, but with only one team left (Hrvatska) in this blog's target demo, it could all end very soon. (I'm looking at you, Vuksha!)

Photo of Hagi by Flickr user Co5T1N under a Creative Commons license.

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