Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick predictions for Euro 2008

So. I did my Euro 20028 brackets and came up with some surprises.

Group A: 1. Czech Republic 2. Portugal

Group B: 1. Croatia 2. Germany

Group C: 1. Romania 2. Holland

Group D: 1. Spain 2. Sweden

Yep, there's a clear Eastern/Central Europe bias here. I think Turkey narrowly misses out in Group A and France narrowly loses out in Group B. I think the loss of defender Fabio Cannavaro is a big blow to Italy, and lets a slightly more high-powered Dutch offense squeeze through.

Let's play this out 'til the end.

Quarterfinals: Czech Republic over Germany; Portugal over Croatia; Romania over Sweden; Holland over Spain.

Portugal plays its one great game of the tourney to beat Croatia. Holland is this year's block to Spanish ambitions in the Euro.

Semifinals: Czech Republic over Portugal; Romania over Holland

Don't think the Portugal can take a more balanced Czech team. Romania is the 2008 version of Greece, and Mutu is a firm favorite for the golden boot.

Final: Romania's magic runs out in a virtual home match for the Czechs in Vienna. Czech Republic.

What do you think? Comments are open!

Wonderful mascot image by Flickr user JBalázS, used under a Creative Commons license.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting scenario. What are you taking? I want that chemical too.
I salute you for optimistic totally ungrounded support for the Czech team!
Would be interested to sign you up for my Football Ignorants Anonymous chapter.