Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turks Fall Before the Gates of Vienna

Well, despite the power outages and my much-delayed viewing of the match, a game but massively depleted Turkey squad was bested in the last minute of the match by an underwhelming German squad.

Even UEFA's account of the match -- which ended 3-2 -- acknowledged the injustice: "Cruel end for Terim's Miracle men."

It was thrilling watching Semih Senturk equalize in the 86th minute -- and put the Germans on the ropes. But a brilliant goal by German defender Phillip Lahm -- who was victimized on the second Turkish goal -- was the difference. (And did anyone notice that he was sent into the clear when Kazim Kazim fell down with an injury? No explanations of what his injury was in any news story thus far.)

On the lighter side: American viewers got to hear ESPN analyst Tommy Smyth call German Chancellor Angela Merkel "Helmut Kohl." (And The Guardian takes a dim view of Merkel's sudden love of Fußball: "Angela Merkel: Football groupie or opportunist?")

And any game involving Turkey allows us to once again use this photo of Ataturk, dressed as a janissary.

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